Magento Supercharged Development Tools and Links

So I’ve been doing some reading up and researching on Magento lately, and found some links to articles and tools I think may be useful, so I’m sharing them with everyone. Enjoy!

Credits: A lot of these projects and articles are courtesy of these well known names in the Magento Community: Colin Mollenhour, Ashley Schroder, Alan Storm and Unirgy (Boris Gurvich).

Module Manager:
Creates symlinks between a mapped out file similar to a Makefile in Linux compiling that will create links where they need to be installed from the CLI via symlink making it easy to deploy and uninstall modules in Magento without touching the Core. It’s also Git friendly.

Module Manager for when svn:externals just doesn’t cut it:
How Module Manager can be used instead of svn:externals.

Magento Debug tool similar to Alan Storms ecommerce Bug:
Debug Tool with some nifty features – requires modman to install at the moment.
satellite Now Available on Magento Connect.

MongoDB abstraction layer for Magento:
MongoDB is an open source Database that’s high performance, schema-free, document-oriented, with JSON encoded outputs. This is an abstraction layer for using MongoDB with Magento instead of MySQL.

uScaffold rapid prototyping modules:
Scaffolding is pretty common amongst Rails developers it’s a means of building a skeleton shell of a module based on some parameters.

Magento Design Patterns:
A list of design patterns that Magento currently utilizes:

Alan storms Configuration Lint:
XML Configuration verification script, does a “light” job and isn’t extensive.

Magentos API with SOAP:
Quick read article to get you using Magentos API via SOAP, with some details on WHERE clauses, setup, etc.

CSS3 + HTML5 Boiler Plate for Magento:
HTML5 Boiler Plate on CSS3 For Magento, starting point for Magento Themes.

Speed testing for Magento with Seige:
Uses Seige to test a sites Magento speed (requires sitemap.xml)

Magento Development environments & deployment Ideas/tips:
The comments Kristof Fooman and Colin make are also good to read.

Magento quickly edit a product from the front end tip

I’ve always wanted a quick way to edit a product from the front end after noticing something I wanted to edit, particularly you need to just edit something quickly.

Quickest way to get the product id on the front end is mouse over the view link to see the id associated. If your logged into the admin you can easily edit the product by simply using such below, or if you have a admin window already open with a product your editing you can simply change the id to pull it up (381 is my product’s id):

arrow /index.php/admin/catalog_product/edit/id/381/back/edit/tab/

Magento Video – Configurable Products (Custom Import)

For more details on the custom import see: arrow This Magento Wiki Entry

I can make the CSV file and the PHP file available, as some minor tweaks mentioned in the forum topic of wiki in order for this to function in 1.4.x of Magento CE, however all the information is outlined in the wiki entry and the forum thread referenced.

iPhone Magento theme compatible with Android

idea Update: HTML5 Theme in 1.7+

After installing the iPhone Theme for Magento via Magento Connect do the following:

Simply configure the exceptions under “System”->”Configuration”->”Design”

Expand “Themes” see the screenshot and use the values “Mobile Safari|iPhone|iPod” for Matched expression, and “iphone” for value. Since both iPhone and Android use WebKit they will both return the user agent as “Mobile Safari”. Be sure and realize it IS case sensitive for all values.

However after some further testing with some iPhones won’t return “Mobile Safari” so the condition for iPhone or iPod needs to be added as well.

Cheers! ;)


arrow More details about Which Browser is used in Android