Old Kosmic (KFMF) Demos

So I decided to install DOSBox and upload the two demos that I had contributed music to.  Kosmic‘s Flight and Dreams demos.  For some reason Flight the first part of the demo the visuals didn’t work so its just a blank blue screen but the rest of the demo plays fine.  There are some audio drops in them as well, as I can only contribute them to running them inside of DOSbox. The 3rd part of the demo has music from yours truly, and Dreams the entire soundtrack was mine. Here are the demos for your old skool value viewing pleasure or displeasure, you decide.

Farbrausch: debris

177 kilobytes of awesomeness! I’d highly recommend the link in full HD than my embed to enjoy, or better yet if you’ve got a good graphics card like an late model NVIDIA or ATI then download the tiny executable.

arrow YouTube – Farbrausch – fr-041: debris. [HD].

The secret behind all this is procedural content generation. in a nutshell, instead of storing a movie as-is we’re storing a certain number of mathematical formulas for image and audio manipulation as well as the “recipe” how to apply those small bits of code in a way that what you see comes out. And while it’s running your computer’s graphics card cares for the actual displaying ot the world, just like in modern 3D games. Formulas+recipe are of course way smaller than the end result, and with a few additional sprinkles of magic compression fairy dust we get down to under 200 kilobytes, which is way less than one single high quality image of this show would take.