Extend Magento Product Attributes API

Add the ability to create, delete and add product options to your catalog via Magento’s API. Why this type of functionality is not built-in to the existing Magento API is beyond me. ¬†However it seems Panticz.de has put together something for us who would like to have said functionality in the API:

arrow Extend Magento Product Attribute Api | panticz.de.

:!: I have not used this myself, but while in effort to find some ability to easily create options on the fly, I happened to stumble upon this as it was pretty buried in Google results. The posting looks to be almost a year old, so I’m not confident it can offer much help with current version of Magento. If anyone takes a stab at using it let me know if it works for ya or not.

.net C# API to Magento via XML-RPC

Since I’m starting to get back to writing .Net C# again, I decided to dig around for anything Magento related and found a nice XML-RPC based library, that will allow you to utilize Magento’s API. Samples are provided and seem to be pretty straight forward, however they do note a lot of the returns even though stated as an integer or such, but tend to most always return a string. Which leads me to believe its something with the XML-RPC in between the two, and PHP’s love to turn most any type into a string. Here is one of the examples to get your gears turning:

#region Product Image Examples
//// gets the product image current store view (doc says int returned, but is string)
string myProductImageCurrentStore = ProductImage.CurrentStore(apiUrl, sessionId, new object[] { });

You can find the full API here, along with some notes:
arrow .NET C# Object Library for Magento

arrow .net C# API to Magento via XML-RPC

Direct download link to the API:
arrow Ez.Newsletter.MagentoApi_v1.1.zip