iPhone Magento theme compatible with Android

idea Update: HTML5 Theme in 1.7+

After installing the iPhone Theme for Magento via Magento Connect do the following:

Simply configure the exceptions under “System”->”Configuration”->”Design”

Expand “Themes” see the screenshot and use the values “Mobile Safari|iPhone|iPod” for Matched expression, and “iphone” for value. Since both iPhone and Android use WebKit they will both return the user agent as “Mobile Safari”. Be sure and realize it IS case sensitive for all values.

However after some further testing with some iPhones won’t return “Mobile Safari” so the condition for iPhone or iPod needs to be added as well.

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arrow More details about Which Browser is used in Android

Android Accelerometer Sensor Simulator for SDK

I’ve yet to play with the Accelerometer in Android’s SDK, but I think this tool from OpenIntents that could be very useful, and speed up development time.  Giving you the ability to test your application via mouse and not having to constantly having to load a real G1 with the application, etc.

arrow SensorSimulator – openintents – Sensor Simulator for simulating sensor data in real time. – Google Code.

Parsing XML from the Net Using the SAXParser Android Tutorial


Found an excellent Android forum whom post up some really helpful tutorials on building applicatinos for Android.  Since I’m a G1 Owner and fan of the OS, I’ve been dabbling more and more into it.  This tutorial will allow you to Parse XML data from an online source.  It’s a beginners tutorial which I consider myself and found it very insightful and helpful.  Enjoy.

Full tutorial, code and discussions here: Parsing XML from the Net – Using the SAXParser