Molotov.bliss (acronym Mb) is the pseudonym and/or brain child of Jared Blalock AKA: B00MER. Who likes to refer to himself as, a musical_keyboard Music Producer, monkey Sr Developer and a ghost Ghost in the shell.

What’s a molotov.bliss? What’s really in a name? Other than a label attached to the things we have created and done for ubiquity. Completely self taught and motivated by technology itself. It is the drive behind wanting to learn as much as possible about new technology and the possibilities and opportunities they can create.

Coming from the days of 2400 Baud modems, Doom and consuming as much of the Demoscene art subculture as possible. Ocular Fiend, Audiophile and Coding Robot.

“Life and death. Space and time. Fate and chance. Theses are the forces of the universe.”

Background (Circa January 1991-1992)

Tetra Compositor by Bram Graveland Ultraforce circa 1991-92.
Tetra Compositor by Bram Graveland Ultraforce circa 1991-92.

First encountered computers at a very young age. Before the Internet boom, I was dialing into local BBS’s at 2400 baud even running my own local board with Oblivion/2 BBS. I Eventually graduated to a SLIP/PPP shell account when the internet was still in its infancy. The WWW was nothing more than a Lynx client in plain text. I eventually stumbled onto IRC, becoming friends with other like minded individuals interested in technology and computers. Creating ANSI Art, digital artwork with Deluxe Paint 2e, and eventually moving to Audio Production with Tracker Software such as Fast Tracker 2 and Impulse Tracker.

Previously a member of one of the very first Net Record Labels: “The Kosmic Free Music Foundation“, where we released our music productions & artwork for free. Eventually moving into the programming aspects of computers, having an older brother whom I fought frequently with over the use of our only household 386 Packard Bell family computer. He was busy teaching himself C/C++ and ASM, his productions peaked my interest and I began to play with Q Basic, moving on quickly to Quick/Turbo Pascal and eventually ending up teaching myself ASP & Action-script, with PHP/C# being what I use mostly today.  Helping many clients & friends alike, developing web applications of all sorts.

Working with the likes of Blues Traveler (official site), Verizon, and Blake Lively’s now defunct Preserve.us e-commerce store both independently and with consulting agencies. These days my focus has gone from X-Cart/Os-commerce to being fully Certified with Magento Enterprise. Focusing day-to-day mostly with wrestling Magento into submission on the back-end, with a specific interest on server performance, optimization and back-end module development to integration.

“Jack of all trades, Master of none” as I have done everything from Front-end development, Linux server administration to interactive Kiosks, Intranets, Music development and a lot more.

Hobbies include: Audio Engineering / Production, Demoscene Art Subculture, Painting, Visual Coding, Cats, Cars & Video Games.

musical_keyboard Music Productions

"May the music passing through this device somehow help to bring just a little more peace to this troubled world."
“May the music passing through this device somehow help to bring just a little more peace to this troubled world.”

Previously a part of one of the very first net-labels: Kosmic Free Music Foundation or KFMF, (1994-2000). Still producing today. Releasing most tracks for free via Soundcloud and other channels independently. My choice of Digital Audio Workstations is ReNoise.   thumbsup More than happy to license my sounds to those interested.

“…And I’d like to just continue to be able to express myself as best as i can with this instrument and i feel like i have a lot of work to do still, I’m a student – of the drums and I’m also a teacher of the drums too”

art Digital Artwork

A small selected collection over a period of many years, of many different creative projects. Some are live screenshots from a browser. Some are Adobe Photoshop mock-ups, while others are magazine and/or flyer designs. Molotov.bliss was also a featured site of the day on About.com and FlashKit, for a electric_plug Flash-based version of molotovbliss.com back around 2000. Other designs can also be found on my briefcase BeHance & alien  DeviantArt profiles.

“Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.”

coffee Developers! Developers! Developers!

Magento Developer Plus CertifiedPreviously a forum moderator for X-Cart; As well as releasing my own 3rd party templates and modifications for X-Cart through Cart-Lab.com. Focusing currently on Magento Commerce helping and giving back to the Magento community ecosystem with others on Stack overflow & GitHub.

During my years as a web developer I have worked with some exciting startups, familiar clients and consulting agencies: Blues Traveler Official Site, Blake Lively’s now defunct Preserve.us E-commerce store, Core Action (a startup), Lyons Consulting Group, Amplifi Commerce, Aydus Consulting, Robofirm, Guidance and many others.

Recently my focus has been in back-end development, Magento performance tuning and general consulting for unique E-Commerce solutions.

“Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin.”