.net C# API to Magento via XML-RPC

Since I’m starting to get back to writing .Net C# again, I decided to dig around for anything Magento related and found a nice XML-RPC based library, that will allow you to utilize Magento’s API. Samples are provided and seem to be pretty straight forward, however they do note a lot of the returns even though stated as an integer or such, but tend to most always return a string. Which leads me to believe its something with the XML-RPC in between the two, and PHP’s love to turn most any type into a string. Here is one of the examples to get your gears turning:

#region Product Image Examples
//// gets the product image current store view (doc says int returned, but is string)
string myProductImageCurrentStore = ProductImage.CurrentStore(apiUrl, sessionId, new object[] { });

You can find the full API here, along with some notes:
arrow .NET C# Object Library for Magento

arrow .net C# API to Magento via XML-RPC

Direct download link to the API:
arrow Ez.Newsletter.MagentoApi_v1.1.zip

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15 thoughts on “.net C# API to Magento via XML-RPC”

  1. J have problem to start working with it, can you write where how to run this extension.

  2. Good coding guide.Some times the coding becomes very difficult to understand and fine the solution.This type of topics help to make us clear.

  3. Some times the coding becomes very difficult to understand and fine the solution.

  4. Hello, nnI am unable to download the first link, it gives an error on opening. and for the 2nd link, can someone help me in starting this code?

  5. Hi,

    I am getting session expired, try to relogin error when i am calling the api on live server with our code. But same code working on local setup as well as the .net server with a sample project. Can any one facing same issue ?? Magento version that i have is Magento

    Thanks & Regards,

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