iPhone Magento theme compatible with Android

idea Update: HTML5 Theme in 1.7+

After installing the iPhone Theme for Magento via Magento Connect do the following:

Simply configure the exceptions under “System”->”Configuration”->”Design”

Expand “Themes” see the screenshot and use the values “Mobile Safari|iPhone|iPod” for Matched expression, and “iphone” for value. Since both iPhone and Android use WebKit they will both return the user agent as “Mobile Safari”. Be sure and realize it IS case sensitive for all values.

However after some further testing with some iPhones won’t return “Mobile Safari” so the condition for iPhone or iPod needs to be added as well.

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arrow More details about Which Browser is used in Android

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25 thoughts on “iPhone Magento theme compatible with Android”

  1. Hi,

    I am developing one shopping cart with iPhone magento theme. I wants to add support for android in it.

    I’ve done the settings, as per your post in my iPhone Magento site.

    But when i try to open the site in Android Simulator Browser then it is not going to open.

    Please guide me through right way.


  2. John,

    I don’t think the Android simulator browser will return the proper user agent. The above does in fact work atleast tested on my Android G1 and an iTouch, and iPhone.

    If you can use the simulator to go to http://whatsmyuseragent.com and insert it into the Matched expressions with an ‘|’ OR condition.

    You may be able to use ‘Android|Mobile Safari|iPhone|iPod’ for Matched expression for the simulator and possibly other Android devices that aren’t using the built in web browser.

    Hope this helps.

  3. THANK YOU SOOOOOO!!! MUCH!! You don’t know how frustrating it’s been to get this iphone theme to work as there is somewhat a lack of documentation to get it to really work. You are awesome!!! :mrgreen:

  4. Adding ‘iphone’ in the first text field in each section resulted in my default theme breaking slightly and causing validation errors due to duplicate content (id’s).

    Removing this everything worked. Ie. only complete the Matched Expressions and Value Fields

  5. Thank you very much – without this I thought I was going to go mad:) please follow these instructions everyone:) thanks again

  6. For what it’s worth, this is my matched User Agent list to divert to mobile template. Has redundancy but seems to catch most of what is out there now.
    iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Pre|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|Mobile|mobile|mobi|Safari Mobile

  7. Great post as I am developing one shopping cart with iPhone magento theme. I wants to add support for android in it.nThanks for sharing such a great info…

  8. The exception conditions will reroute things for you based on the returned user agent, like mentioned above.

  9. its messing up my front page in normal view.version 1.4.1…everything seem to work well through mobile, except normal view. The front page only navigation seem to appear everything else is gone. Like the slider and home products and etc……i had to restore my backup to get the normal view back to normal. any help would be appreciated, its defiantly the best extension i run to….nn

  10. Have you tried clearing your cache or changing your design theme temporarily to see if it makes any difference?

  11. I cleared the catch several times it did not help. I did not change the the design theme. I guess i can try that. Adding ‘iphone’ in the first text field in each section maybe causing the issue. can I leave the first text filed blank and add matched expressions and Value Fields? since it’s a production site, and had to restore my backup last time. I’m trying to minimize the down time……..nnRegards,n

  12. That may match other agent strings, as your chances of an agent having just two letters is much higher than being specific on the agent string your looking for. ie, “Web Browser” and you had “Br” for some phone agent would show the phone theme to the non-phone agent browser.

  13. First, I’d suggest setting up a development copy of your site to fiddle around with and not do such on a production site is the best rule to minimize down time. Second, I would make sure you have the agents listed with pipe’s | for each area ive got listed in the screen shot.

  14. I’ll try your suggestions. Thanks. I just copy and pasted the Matched expression… when I indicate the theme, or skins, and the template as an iphone it doesn’t effect my magento? currently I do have a customize theme setup in Config > Systems > Design ….however I do have Current Package Name stating default. any of those issues have any effect? I hope I can get it to work I do love this extension

  15. today i am new user for magneto mobile app can u give me step by step help blog url or any links……nnthanks in advanced.

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