Farbrausch: debris

177 kilobytes of awesomeness! I’d highly recommend the link in full HD than my embed to enjoy, or better yet if you’ve got a good graphics card like an late model NVIDIA or ATI then download the tiny executable.

arrow YouTube – Farbrausch – fr-041: debris. [HD].

The secret behind all this is procedural content generation. in a nutshell, instead of storing a movie as-is we’re storing a certain number of mathematical formulas for image and audio manipulation as well as the “recipe” how to apply those small bits of code in a way that what you see comes out. And while it’s running your computer’s graphics card cares for the actual displaying ot the world, just like in modern 3D games. Formulas+recipe are of course way smaller than the end result, and with a few additional sprinkles of magic compression fairy dust we get down to under 200 kilobytes, which is way less than one single high quality image of this show would take.